Teenage Bedroom Decorating Ideas

You and your teenager may be at odds when it comes to
bedroom design ideas. However, with a little open-mindedness and a little
compromise, there is hope for parents and teens to come together and create a
look that everyone can be happy with.


The first step in planning any type of room makeover is to figure out a budget. Kids this age are old enough to understand the concept of a budget and how to spend money responsibly. Allowing them to participate in the financial area of the project is a great learning experience.  If your child’s design ideas are larger than what you can comfortably afford, why not give him or her the opportunity to earn some of the money that may be needed through extra chores around the house, babysitting, mowing lawns, chores for neighbors, etc.
Once you have a budget figured out, make a list of the things that need to be changed in the room, including what you want to add and what you want to take away. Consider selling things like furniture, books, clothing, etc., through a yard sale, eBay or Let Go to raise more money for decorating.

Color and Paint

Paint is one of the
most inexpensive ways to make a big impact when changing the look in a room. The
trick here is finding a color you can both live with. A new color for the walls
should also be one of the last things chosen, after your teen has picked out
new bedding and accessories. It’s much easier to coordinate paint color with
the room’s furnishings than vice versa.

Get the look at Sherwin Williams
Bring paint chip cards home to view under the room’s
lighting and to compare against the surrounding colors in the room. Buy sample
pots of the top two or three choices and try the colors out on the walls or on
sample boards. If your teenager wants to paint the room in black, it’s time for
some compromising alternatives.
One good thing about black is that it goes well with almost
any other color. If your teen likes black, find another color you can both
agree on and then think of ways you can incorporate black into the room’s color
scheme. Black can be a striking color for an accent wall, or consider doing a
stenciled design in black. For something different, paint the ceiling black. Other ways to incorporate black
into the room include bedding, throw pillows, rugs and furniture.

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A night sky ceiling is a fun theme for a teen bedroom. Instead of black, paint the ceiling a deep shade of indigo. Use phosphorescent glowing paint to paint in stars, comets and cosmic glowing gas clouds. Sites that sell the paint such as Glow Inc. and Kosmic Kreations commonly offer tutorials on how to paint space murals. With a little practice, it might not be as hard as you think.

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No matter what style your teen is into, keeping the room
organized and clear of clutter is essential and usually a challenge. The
following tips can help keep your teen’s bedroom a safe, inhabitable space that
won’t bring to mind the last episode of “Hoarders” you saw.
  • Buy storage containers and baskets that match or contrast
    with the room’s color scheme.
  • Install extra wall shelves for knick-knacks, books, video
    games, movies, etc. Install hooks underneath to hang necklaces, hats, belts or scarves.
  • Put a clothes hamper in the closet. When the clothes reach
    the top, make it a rule to wash at least two loads (the rule is for the teen,
    not Mom).
  • Add a really cool garbage can, like the colorful cans
    available at The Container Store.com and insist that it gets used.
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Wall Décor

Teenagers love to express themselves through graffiti. You
can find it all over their notebooks, the soles of their shoes and often, even
on themselves. A great idea for wall décor in a teen bedroom is dry erase wall
decals. Teens can place these self-adhesive decals anywhere they want and write
messages or draw pictures. The decals can be peeled off and placed somewhere
else without damaging the wall. Walls can also be decorated with large murals depicting graphic graffiti designs. Find graffiti wall murals at Wallsauce.com. Dry erase decals are available at Wall Pops and Wallies.com.

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Bedding and Accessories

New bedding is an essential part of a bedroom makeover.  A great resource for bedding and accessories
for a teen bedroom is Vision Bedding.
Your teenager will love this website because Vision Bedding allows you
to upload photos or your own original artwork, which can then be made into
bedding, pillows, wall décor, rugs, towels, shower curtains or window curtains.
The site also has a design gallery with thousands of images that can be made
into these products as well. Products can be further personalized with original
text messages printed on them.

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If your teen daughter loves everything posh, chic and girly,
check out Wake Up Frankie. Here you will find fun bedding patterns in bold
colors such as hot pink damask, black and pink French polkadots, leopard and
zebra print, jewel tone colors, Parisian themes and much more. Throw in a
beaded chandelier and black curtains with an allover satin rose design for a
room fit for a true fashionista. 

via Wake up Frankie

Furniture and Lighting

In addition to a bed, furniture for a teen bedroom should
include a desk for homework, an extra chair or seat for friends, a dresser and one or two nightstands. If space and the budget allows, a bookcase or media stand can be
included and a vanity is nice for a girl’s room.
PB Teen is an awesome resource for  furniture, including dozens of different bed designs, desks, vanities, dressers, bedside tables and cool, furry, fluffy beanbag chairs. If your teen’s bedroom does not have an
overhead light, a floor lamp is a good choice for general lighting. A desk lamp is essential for homework and studying and you may want to include one or two bedside lamps. PB Teen has snazzy table lamps with drum style lampshades, colorful desk lamps and sleek, modern floor lamps or you can coordinate drum style lampshades with table and floor lamps.

via PB Teen
via PB Teen


Other Fun Accessories

Replace the closet door with a beaded curtain to add sparkle and shine in the room. For some really cool accent lighting, go with fairy lights. LED fairy lights are inexpensive and can be used in dozens of ways. Some of them are as small as a grain of rice and come on thin wires that can be wrapped around a curtain rod, headboard, mirror or placed inside a glass container, as they are battery operated. Others are more like string lights that your teen can use to enhance the ceiling, walls or furniture. You can find beaded curtains and fairy lights at Shop Wild Things.

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Get Creative with Used Furniture

Having brand-new furniture and décor is nice but you can
also stretch your budget much further by shopping for a few used items that are
still in good condition at places such as:
  • Consignment stores
  • Thrift stores
  • eBay
  • Craigslist
A new coat of paint can do wonders to update the look of
used furniture. Saving money on a bed, nightstands and dresser leaves more room
in the budget for bedding and accessories. Piecing together bedroom furniture
from a variety of sources also helps avoid the matchy-matchy look of bedroom
sets, giving the room a more organic feel.

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