Guest Post- Lorena Benchis- Passionate DIY Decorator

I would like to thank Lorena Benchis, a passionate, DIY amature decorator and writer from the United Kingdom, who wanted to share her love and admiration for natural wood in interior design. Ok, take it from here, Lorena!

Let it be all wood.

There are few, if any, materials as natural to us
homo-sapiens as wood. It provides our most basic material for building,
for furnishings and for fuel – and has done so for a few hundred thousand
years now! Perhaps that’s why we still love the look and feel of natural
wood in our homes today when it’s no longer actually needed.
There are always substitutes, but there’s nothing that looks and feels
quite the same – and there’s surely no material that’s quite as
comforting to body and spirit.

An increasing number of people are now going for
the all-wooden look. Staring from a base (literally) of a natural-finish
wooden floor with real wood throughout, or real wood veneers, they
build up to include a range of furnishings in the same wood finish,
color and style and let it run throughout the whole house. The overall
effect of this wooden look is simply stunning. What’s more, it’s
kind of safe; you know it’s going to last as long as you want it to,
you know it’s going to look great, and you know it’s going to feel
homey in a way that nothing else quite manages to.

by coco+kelley on Flickr
by IDA Interior LifeStyle on Flickr

If you can keep a coordinated style of wood throughout
your home – this will really help with the overall interior design
motif. There are many ranges of furnishings now available in 100% natural
oak; a myriad of designs from traditional to contemporary. Consequently,
you can choose a range of solid oak furniture that blends perfectly
with everything. Whether you live in a country home, in suburbia,
or in a city center apartment, wood blends well with any style.

Picking out a range that complements your home can include everything from sideboards to beds, kitchen tables to oak wardrobes, coffee tables, dining tables and occasional items – all with the same overall look and design that will work wonders in any home setting.

Lorena Benchis is an internet freelancer with a passion for interior
design and DIY. Working from home, I get plenty of time for my own little
DIY projects and I’m looking to share my wisdom in the blogosphere.

Who doesn’t love wood in a home? Great job, Lorena!

Fabulous Accent Walls

Accent walls add interest to a room and provide an impressive backdrop for focal points. An accent wall is also a safe and effective way to add color, pattern and texture to a large area without overwhelming the space.

In the bedroom, enhance the wall behind your bed with a dark hue to create a warm, cozy atmosphere. The color will help draw the eye toward the bed and enhance it’s features. Choose a color that’s in your bedding pattern, accent pillows or wall art.
Eclectic Bedroom design by Other Metros Interior Designer Cecilia Staniec

Metallic wallpaper makes a stunning statement in the dining room. The light reflecting qualities of the paper enhance the sparkle and shine of a dining room chandelier. This space is made for entertaining and a metallic wallpaper accent wall is a perfect way to show off  with class!

Modern Dining Room design by London Photographer David Churchill – Architectural Photographer

The accent wall in this living room helps define the high cathedral ceiling and adds emphasis to the large picture window, the sofa and the decorative ceiling fan. Use accent walls to enhance architectural features or to add depth or height to a wall.   

Contemporary Kitchen design by San Francisco Interior Designer Lisa Benbow – Garnish Designs

Accent walls can be any size and can be created with a variety of mediums including paint, textured paint, wallpaper, fabric, ceiling tiles, ceramic tiles, mirrors, glass blocks, brick, stone or wood panels. Faux panels with a wood or stone veneer can be used on walls that otherwise could not support heavy building materials.

Contemporary Bedroom design by San Francisco Interior Designer Jeffers Design Group

Walls can go far beyond just being structural elements that support the roof. Walls are important design elements that set the tone for how a room will ultimately look and feel. What you put on walls can make  you feel like they are closing in on you or create an open, peaceful, serene environment. Get inspired by the creative designers who use accent walls to transform an ordinary room into an extraordinary space! 

Designer Tips for Creating Paint Color Schemes

One of the biggest challenges for many do-it-yourself
homeowners is picking out interior paint colors. Have you ever browsed through
a home decorating magazine and wondered what the secret is for adding just the
right paint colors to each room? All you need is a basic knowledge of color,
including how colors relate to each other and how color can affect the
atmosphere and mood of a room.

The Color Wheel

You may remember seeing one of these from art class in school.
The color wheel is one of the tools interior designers and decorators use to
create color schemes for their design projects. There have been many variations
of the color wheel, however, the type of wheel many designers rely on contain
12 colors, including primary (red, blue, yellow), secondary colors (green,
orange and violet) and tertiary colors, which are a combination of primary and
secondary colors such as blue-green and red-orange.

Color Schemes

Color schemes are a grouping of colors that are harmonious
when placed together. Colors with harmony are aesthetically pleasing and
balanced. Here are a few techniques designers use to create color schemes:


An analogous color scheme is created by using
three colors that appear next to each other on the color wheel. An example
would be a color scheme that included shades and tints of red, red-orange and


A monochromatic scheme is created by using different
shades and tints of one color. It may sound boring at first, however, when done correctly, a monochromatic color scheme can still be stunning, as you can see below:

Mediterranean Living Room design by Dallas Interior Designer Kim Armstrong


A complementary color scheme uses colors that
appear opposite of each other on a color wheel, such as blue and orange, red
and green or violet and yellow. This type of scheme has variations such as a
double complementary (tetradic), which uses two sets of complementary colors (ex.
red and green and violet and yellow) or a split complementary, which uses a
color such as yellow and the two colors on each side of its complement
(violet), blue-violet and red-violet.

Traditional Kids design by Detroit Interior Designer Petrella Designs, Inc.

Eclectic Bedroom design by Los Angeles Interior Designer betsy burnham


This scheme uses three colors that are an equal
distance apart on the color wheel such as orange, green and purple or blue, yellow and red, as you can see in this eclectic living room:

Eclectic Living Room design by Other Metros Interior Designer Anna Baskin Lattimore Design


A neutral scheme consists of colors such as white,
beige, brown, black and grey. Neutral colors can also be used in all the other
color schemes, as neutrals can usually be paired with any color.

Experimenting with Color

You can find some great, free tools online to experiment with
colors. Check out Color Scheme Designer 3 to see how different color schemes
work. If you have plans to paint a room in your home, you can use one of the
free virtual color tools provided by any of these paint companies:

These online virtual paint tools allow you to upload your
own photos or use one of their interior room scenes to virtually try on
different paint colors. This is an excellent way to plan a color scheme for
your next remodeling project.

If you’re still not sure how to start when adding color to
the walls of a room, consider the other décor that will share the room. Pick up one
or two of the predominant colors found in the upholstery, fabrics, artwork or decorative
accents, which will also be a part of the room’s overall design, and build your
color scheme from there.

ign’>Found Design

Home Decorating Themes Part 6- Asian

An Asian decorating theme is one of the most beautiful,
elegant and exotic decorating styles. Although Asia is a vast continent with
over 60 different countries and cultures, Asian decorating and décor is usually
a reference to the styles, culture, art and fashion of the Far East, or what
used to be referred to as the Orient. This includes countries such as China,
Japan, Vietnam and Korea.

Asian style furniture has a very shiny, highly polished,
lacquer finish. Exotic woods such as rosewood, mahogany, Poplar and bamboo are
used to make exquisite furniture, which can be either intricately carved and
painted or left very simple and plain with clean, straight lines.
Living spaces eclectic living room
Living spaces eclectic living room

Chinese Influences

Chinese style furniture has a very artistic, ornate
appearance with beautiful, hand painted motifs, brass accents and/or intricate
carved designs. If opulent settings appeal to you, look for chinoiseri style
décor. Chinoiseri is a French word meaning ”Chinese-esque”. This term
originated in the late 1800s and was first seen in Europe, as a decorating
style influenced by Chinese art and culture. 
Asian Bathroom By Howard Wiggins of Howard Wiggins Interior Design in Nashv  sig  bedroom
Bright, vivid colors are commonly seen in Chinese decorating
styles and in particular, the color red. Red is a color of good fortune in
Chinese culture and is often paired with black or gold for a striking contrast.
Other primary and secondary colors often used in Chinese art and décor are blue
and yellow and green.
Vanessa De Vargas
Chinese porcelain has been highly sought after by collectors
since the 17th century, when it started to become a prized
possession of the upper-class in Europe and eventually, worldwide. The classic blue and white pattern known as Willow Ware is the most recognized style of Chinese porcelain. Jade and brass are also commonly seen in Chinese vases.
Displaying art collections contemporary living room

Japanese Influences

Japanese style furniture is more modest and simple in design.
Shiny, lacquered finishes are still common. However, straight lines and minimal
embellishments help create a harmonious balance with the minimalist approach of
Japanese design.
Japanese style bedroom asian bedroom

This decorating style includes a lot of open space, neutral
colors and a Zen-like atmosphere that is peaceful, uncluttered and natural.

craftsman teahouse asian living room

Traditional rice paper screens called Shoji screens can be
used to create separate areas of a larger space while also diffusing the light.
Combined with Tatami mats and traditional Japanese furniture such as platform
beds and low profile coffee tables and end tables, your home will have an
authentic Japanese look.

Japanese Master Bathroom asian bathroom

Natural Influences

Nature is a prominent theme in Asian decorating. Chinese
décor has an abundance of animal motifs such as fish, butterflies, peacocks,
cranes, tigers, horses, pandas, cats and mythical creatures such as dragons and
the Phoenix. Japanese koi fish are commonly seen in Asian style art, as are a
plethora of floral designs such as cherry blossoms, chrysanthemums, peony
blossoms, roses and exotic plants such as bamboo and bonsai trees.

Hollywood Residence eclectic bathroom
Natural textures are seen in accessories such as straw mats,
bamboo floors or blinds, rice paper screens and natural stone furnishings.

Asian Textiles

Asian textiles can truly be exotic treasures. Persian and
Oriental rugs and tapestries are more than just decorative items. Often
considered works of art, especially if they are antiques, Asian rugs and
tapestries can command a high price.

Irene Turner at Home contemporary living room
Feldman Architecture contemporary family room

Chinese silk was once one of the most highly sought after
Eastern treasures, and became the inspiration for the famous Silk Road trade
route between the Far East and Europe. Silk can be made into many luxury home
textiles such as sheets, bedspreads, duvets and decorative pillows.

Dragon & Phoenix Pattern Pillow

Calligraphy Pattern Pillow
Dragon & Phoenix Pattern Pillow

Asian Accessories

Asian style décor often features the beautiful and artistic
calligraphy style characters that represent the words and letters of exotic
languages such as Chinese and Japanese. These characters often appear on wall
art, dinnerware or other decorative porcelain.

Kelly Mack eclectic powder room

Large Chinese fans or parasols make beautiful decorative
ornaments. Silk wall scrolls, carved wood designs, Japanese Samurai swords and
silk paintings make interesting and unusual wall décor.

Blessing In Red Fan

Pink Blessings Wall Fan
Laight Loft modern bedroom
silk painting

 Buddhism is one of
the most common religions in the Far East and the likeness of Buddha is often
used in Asian décor such as statues, figurines and fountains.

Asian Home Design asian living room
Accessories asian living room

Feng Shui

The Taoist philosophy of feng shui began in China over 3000
years ago. It is based on the idea that the natural living energy force called
Chi can be balanced and harmonized in any given space to ensure the well-being
and good fortune of the inhabitants.

Valerie Wills Interiors traditional living room
feng shui ball

Feng shui has become a popular design style in the Western
world. From furniture placement, to color schemes, lighting, accessories and
even architectural features, feng shui can impact every element of a home’s
design scheme. While you don’t need to have an Asian decorating theme to use
this design style, feng shui certainly fits in perfectly with Asian design.  

Monika Siebert Design Planning Inc  dining room
feng shui design
To see more Asian style decor for your home, visit my Asian decorating pages at HomeTreasureCove.

Home Decorating Themes Part 5- Tropical

I love tropical decorating styles. My blog and website are good indicators of how much this style appeals to me. If you can’t live in a tropical paradise, you can certainly capture the essence of this region and bring it into your home.
Tropical, island and beach themes are popular decorating styles that aren’t just limited to homes in warm climates or near the ocean. This casual, laid-back style fits in well with contemporary homes.  Many eclectic style homes also embrace the exotic, natural elements found in tropical style decor.

Bold, Colorful Kitchen eclectic kitchen

A tropical decorating theme can also be eco-friendly, as much of the natural wood that grows in tropical regions is considered sustainable, meaning the material is easy to renew.  Many fast-growing, tropical materials include: 

  • Bamboo
  • Teak
  • Rattan
  • Jute
  • Abaca

These types of plants can actually thrive with regular harvesting,  which promotes rapid regrowth.

Although many tropical style homes have a casual or contemporary feel, this style can also work in a more traditional setting, as you can see in the beautifully designed room below:

Todd Peddicord Portfolio traditional family room

The abundance of natural elements found in tropical style decor provides many rich and varied textures, such as wicker. Wicker furniture is constructed using materials such as rattan and other tropical grasses that are tightly woven together.

Bamboo poles also have a very unique texture with their jointed segments. Tropical grasses such as jute and abaca can be made into rugs, textured wallpaper and mats that have wonderful, earthy textures.

Notice all the great textures in this beachy bedroom, including the lamp, window treatments, storage baskets and chair:

Kids Beach Room tropical kids

 In addition to all the beautiful natural tropical wood found  in this style of decorating, you will see lots and lots of greenery. Tropical palms and ferns are the first to come to mind.  Other exotic tropical plants that make great decorative accessories include umbrella plants, rubber plants, banana trees, bromeliads and birds of paradise, which are flowering plants such as the one pictured in the tropical bathroom below:

Fleming Guest Bath tropical bathroom

Ownby Design tropical living room

 Tropical color schemes also include a pallet of natural colors in shades of blue, green, brown, coral, beige, tan, yellow and white.  These  colors are often associated with the beach or the ocean as well.  You can also add a few bold  accent colors in shades of red, orange or purple to represent the vivid tropical flowering plants found throughout the world.

Red makes a bold accent color in the following tropical bedrooms:

Nantucket in So Cal tropical bedroom
Newport Beach Project contemporary bedroom
contemporary bedroom design by orange county interior designer Jessica Bennett Interiors

 A tropical design scheme is perfect for those who want to bring natural elements and warmth into their home.  It’s a way to create your own private retreat to escape the stress and pressure of the outside world.

There are numerous ways to create a tropical atmosphere in a room. Lots of natural lighting, light colors and an abundance of greenery can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Sun Room traditional porch
traditional porch design by san francisco interior designer ADEENI DESIGN GROUP

It’s nice to know you can incorporate a tropical theme into almost any style of home, whether it’s modern, traditional, contemporary or eclectic.  While it may not be possible to escape to some tropical island when you need to unwind, it is possible to create a resort style atmosphere somewhere in your very own home.

Home Decorating Themes Part 4- Rustic Lodge

Lodge style decorating is inspired by a passion and appreciation for the great outdoors. This style dates back to the early 20th century, when a young architect by the name of Robert Reamer went to work designing one of the most impressive examples of American architecture to date. Reamer sourced materials from the surrounding area to construct the Old Faithful Inn, the nation’s first and most famous national park lodge, located in Yellowstone National Park.

Reamer used volcanic rhyolite stone, quarried about 5 miles away from the inn, to build the massive 500 ton fireplace and chimney, which stretches to the top of the 65 foot high ceiling in the lobby. Huge lodgepole pine timbers and hewn logs are seen throughout the 700 foot long, seven-story high building. This rustic architecture style became known as “parkitecture,” the inspiration for today’s rustic and lodge decorating style.

storem mountain ranch house traditional living room

The majority of log homes in America today incorporate this design style with features like stone fireplaces and natural wood furnishings throughout the home. In addition, lodge style decorating embraces the natural flora and fauna found in the North American wilderness. Rustic furnishings made from deer and elk antlers are commonly seen in the form of chandeliers and lamps. Rawhide and leather are popular materials for things such as lampshades and upholstery.

Elk Horn Chandelier

In addition to the natural elements found in lodge style décor and furnishings, rustic metals such as wrought iron, cast-iron, steel, pewter and hammered copper are used in the construction of furnishings such as chandeliers, table and floor lamps, chairs, tables and beds. These metals can also be used as hardware on rustic wood furniture.

River Bend Ranch traditional kitchen

Native American art and culture also plays a significant role in this decorating style. Geometric designs and patterns are often used in fabrics, upholstery and other home textiles. Teepees, arrows, spears, peace pipes and other Native American artifacts are seen in lodge style decor.

Lost Creek traditional living room

Bear Tooth Chandelier

Lodge style decor can also be blended with more contemporary style furnishings. A careful balance of both decorating styles can result in a charming, rustic yet elegant look, similar to the transitional style achieved by blending traditional and contemporary design elements. 

Rustic Family Room eclectic family room
eclectic family room design by minneapolis general contractor John Kraemer & Sons

Embrace your passion and love for the great outdoors with a rustic, lodge style decorating theme. Please be sure to visit my Lodge, Western & Rustic department for custom-made rustic decor at deeply discounted prices. Here is a sneak preview of what you can find there:

Cheyenne Chandelier

Horseshoe Pendant Light

Spur Floor Lamp

Home Decorating Themes Part 3- Southwestern Style

 Southwestern style decorating is one of the most popular themes for residential homes in the western United States and particularly in places like Arizona, New Mexico,Texas, Nevada, Southern California and Utah. Southwestern decor is heavily influenced by the art and culture of desert dwelling tribes like the Navajo and Apache and the Pueblo tribes of the four corners region of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado. This style is also influenced by the Spanish missions scattered throughout this region, mixed with the exotic elements of the native Aztecs of Mexico.

Southwestern architecture is characterized by adobe style houses and Spanish haciendas. Authentic adobe is a mixture of earth, water and straw formed into bricks and baked in the sun. Modern adobe homes have stucco walls.

Homes built in the Spanish hacienda style feature smooth plaster walls, interior courtyards, semicircular arched arcades, arched doorways and windows, terra-cotta roof tiles and decorative wrought iron trim.

Southwestern color schemes are influenced by warm, vibrant desert colors including yellow, orange, red, brown and gold, mixed with cool tones of cobalt blue, green, violet and turquoise.

Southwestern furniture is very rustic wood furniture in either a natural finish or painted in bright, vibrant colors with a distressed finish. Wrought iron is also used as hardware and for decorative accessories, much the same as in Mediterranean style furnishings.

Southwestern decor is comprised of many Native American arts and crafts such as Indian pottery, Kachina dolls, Navajo blankets and rugs, Indian baskets, dream catchers and other Native American artifacts. Southwestern designs are also heavily influenced by the native flora and fauna found in the desert environment including Saguaro cactus, Ocotillo, lizards, snakes, scorpions and coyotes. Brightly colored Mexican tile and ceramics mixed with rustic, Spanish style furnishings gives Southwestern style decor an eclectic feel.

For the passionate Southwestern style decorator, these authentic Native American crafts will fit perfectly in your home’s decorating theme:

Native American Four Corners Traditionally Painted Wedding Vase Pottery

Navajo Hand Coiled Pine Pitch Pottery Indian Pottery

Mata Ortiz Hand Coiled Turquoise Indian Pottery

One of a Kind White Pot Genuine Hand Coiled Unique Horse Hair Pottery by potter Natalie Jetter

Wholesale Lot of Mata Ortiz Hand Coiled Native Deluxe Pottery Set of Six

Golf Trophy Kachina Doll Collection Sunface Kachina Doll Navajo Made Signed

Set of Three Sculpted Miniature Native American Kachina Dolls

Open Edition Canvas Transfer “Turn of the Century Dandy” Indian Oil Painting by Kevin Redstar

Native American Art Vintage Stamped Leather Morning Singer Kachina Painting

Visit my Native American and Southwestern page for more authentic Southwestern decor.

Home Decorating Themes Part 2- French Country Style

French country style interior design shares similar elements with Tuscan style decor. Both styles have Old World European influences and Mediterranean inspirations.What makes French country style unique is the shabby chic, cottage style, antique look of furnishings and decor with a distressed finish. Both traditional and romantic, French country is a casual yet elegant decorating style embraced by many American homes today.

A French country color palette reflects the natural colors found in the warm, sunny French countryside. Bright yellow brings to mind the cheerful sunflower filled fields under the pale blue southern French sky. Soft, pale purple hues are reminiscent of French lavender fields, mixed with bright, red orange accents representing the colorful poppies scattered throughout the rural countryside.Traditional neutral tones such as beige, cream and ivory are seen in the aged plaster walls of old French country farmhouses and the distressed finish of quaint, cottage style furniture.

French country furniture is both rustic and casual, featuring a lot of wrought iron, distressed metal and hand carved wood. Both wood and metal furnishings are often painted in white, ivory or a light pastel color. The finish will be cracked and speckled giving the furniture a timeworn, antique appearance.

Floral fabrics in bright, vivid colors are common, as is the Toile de Jouy pattern. Toile is a French word meaning “cloth”. It is typically a repeating pattern on a light background, often showing people engaged in various activities, plants, animals or a combination of all.

Roosters are often featured in French country motifs,along with other farm animals such as chickens, cows and pigs. A French country kitchen may have copper cookware displayed in hanging pot racks, French ceramic pottery and wine bottles stored on a rustic, wrought iron bakers rack and a vase of fresh cut lavender or sunflowers taking center stage on a rustic wood dining table.

Consider adding some French country charm to your home:

Baker’s Style Wine And Glass Rack

Arched-Top Wall Mirror

Country Rooster Serving Bowl

French Chateau Candle Lamp

French Flower Cart Plant Stand

Graceful Antiqued Cabinet

Hen Basket

Magnolia Wall Candleholders
 Find more French country decor at HomeTreasureCove.

Home Decorating Themes Part 1- Tuscan Style

It’s easy to give your home a cohesive, unified look with a home decorating theme. In the first part of my home decorating themes series, I will introduce Tuscan style interior design.

Tuscan style interior design is influenced by Old World, Mediterranean style furnishings and decor that bring to mind a beautiful country estate nestled against the gently rolling hills of the Italian Tuscan countryside. Mixed with French and Spanish influences, Tuscan style furnishings incorporate materials such as wrought iron, natural wood, aged plaster, terra cotta tiles and natural stone including Travertine, marble and limestone.

Tuscan countryside

A Tuscan color scheme will include a warm, earthy color palette inspired by the natural elements found in this sunny, Mediterranean climate. Gold and yellow hues are drawn from Tuscan sunflowers and lemon trees, rust and brownish-orange tones are reminiscent of terra-cotta and Travertine tiles and shades of green reflect the color of Cypress trees, olive trees and vineyard grape vines.

Tuscan Style Decorating Ideas

 Give your kitchen a Tuscan look with accents such as wrought iron hanging pot racks, iron scroll wine racks and a wrought iron baker’s rack.

Country Rooster Kitchen Rack

Scrollwork Wine Rack

Baker’s Style Wine And Glass Rack

For wall decor, choose a scrolled iron candle holder, rustic iron mirror or country vineyard inspired wine and grapes clock.

Arch Wall Mirror
Wine And Grapes Wall Clock

Scrollwork Candleholder

Scrollwork Wall Sconce Trio

Add a final touch with a beautiful Bougainvillea or lemon tree displayed in one of these Tuscan style planters.

Tuscan Courtyard Planters

Check back here soon for part two of my home decorating themes,which will focus on another romantic, timeless decorating style, French Country Interior Design.   

Holiday Decor and Gift Ideas for 2011

The holiday season is in full swing and I’ve got some excellent holiday decor to share with you. I have hand picked each of these items, which will not only make beautiful holiday displays in your home, these items are also great gift ideas!
I love the look of traditional or vintage holiday decor. This holiday plate display includes an attractive green metal stand that holds three decorative plates featuring traditional holiday scenes of snowmen, 19th century Christmas carolers and Santa on a rooftop.
The next item is a set of three Christmas music box figurines. The Santa figurine plays “Jingle Bells,” the penguin figurine plays “Joy to the World” and the snowman plays “Deck the Halls.” Each figurine also has a miniature holiday scene inside.
These pinecone candles look like real pinecones and are perfect for holiday displays. They also add a wonderful pine scent to the room when you light them.
These adorable, old-fashioned Christmas tree ornaments come in a stylish gift box that you can keep to store them in. Unlike fragile glass ornaments, these balls are made from polyfoam with a paper decoupage, making them a good option for families with small children.


These ceramic Christmas ornament dinner plates are dishwasher and microwave safe. They come in a set of four and are the perfect accessory for a festive holiday table!
I like the uniqueness of this next holiday decor item. It is called a  Christmas Musical Snowing Frame. It has an on off switch that lets you choose between  having music playing while it snows  or just displaying  the snow with no music.
This next item looks like a vintage holiday treasure. It has beautiful detail in the Christmas tree and the people dressed in early 20th Century clothing. This classic holiday water globe plays “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”

This charming snowman wall plaque has twinkling stars that actually light up!
This gorgeous multi-piece display would make a stunning centerpiece for your holiday table. Imagine how beautiful it will look with lit candles inside the three crystal votive holders. Add vanilla or cinnamon scented candles for a wonderful holiday aroma.

Time is ticking for online shopping so get your orders placed soon!