Guest Post from Barnaby Kirsen of Boha Glass

Here is a nice little piece about handblown art glass, from one of the partners at Boha Glass in the UK. Real art glass makes a stunning conversation piece for any room.


is a beautiful and wondrous material and the right piece will bring
dazzling  light, color and elegance to any room in your home.

A piece of crystal glass could sparkle in a sunny window sill and reflect the light in a thousand dazzling directions.

glass ornament could sit proudly on your mantel shelf to be admired and
enjoyed by your guests. And when the hearth below the mantel is quiet
in those balmy summer months, an elegant tall glass vase could fill the

Flower vases make great centerpieces and sometimes they are so pretty you don’t like to spoil them by adding flowers!

sturdy, well poised paperweight will help reflect light from shelves in
a study and some of the more modern paperweights make great presents
for him.

When choosing the right piece of glass it is always
best to invest in quality. If you buy a handmade hand blown piece of
glass signed by the artist then you have made a wise investment. Not
only will you get to enjoy the art glass for years to come, it will be
rising in value by up to 20% a year. Not a bad investment in these
uncertain times.

Buying a cheap piece of glass might seem appealing,
especially if it is a pretty factory made piece, but quality shines
through and you won’t receive anywhere near as many admiring comments
from visitors. Plus, as it is not an artist piece it is unlikely to be
worth much more, even after ten years.

Although some factory glass is cheap and cheerless,
there are lots of good looking pieces being produced. So, if you can’t
afford a couple of hundred dollars you can still find pretty pieces for
your home.

A friend of mine buys Clarice Cliff, some very
collectible pottery. He buys like 20 pieces and then leaves them boxed
in his attic for about ten years and then sells them on. He makes great
money but I always feel a little sad that these wonderful handmade works
are hidden away for a decade with no one to admire them.

A piece of glass that has been hand worked by a
master craftsman in the searing heat of the furnace shows its superb and
classy nature even before it has cooled on the artisan’s work bench.

Invest in high quality and you will have both a classy
artwork all of your own as well as a little financial nest egg for the
Barnaby Kirsen is a partner at Boha
Glass – an online shop selling in hand made art glass from Bohemia and
beyond. You can
Boha Glass’s blog.
Thank you, Barnaby. Your art glass is truly exquisite! 

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