Decorating Ideas With Tulle & Wall Drapes

a bedroom with inexpensive materials such as tulle and fabric or drapery panels
allows you to get creative without spending a fortune. Tulle is a
versatile, sheer material that can be used in a number of ways to enhance
bedroom décor, from curtains to bed canopies. Add drama and style with floor to
ceiling wall drapes in colors or patterns that complement the room’s décor.

Embellish Windows with Tulle Accents

Tulle makes a great accent for windows, as light filters
through this sheer material. Tulle comes in a variety of sizes, from thin, 6
inch wide ribbons to large, 108 inch wide fabric bolts. Short strips of tulle
material tied to a curtain rod make an easy valance or use longer strips for a
tulle curtain. Use long lengths of tulle in two colors wrapped around a curtain
rod swag-style to create a window scarf valance. Tulle can also be fashioned
into rod pocket style curtains by sewing a simple casing along the folded end
of a tulle fabric panel.

Create Elegant Tulle Bed Canopies

Use tulle at the head of the bed to create a comfortable
reading nook or add it to a wall teester, commonly known as a bed crown. Drape
a long length of tulle between two ceiling mounted curtain rods installed at
the head of the bed, with enough material to reach the floor on both sides and
an elegant dip in the middle. Use two more rods at the foot of the bed to drape
a second tulle canopy or drape long tulle panels over a four poster frame. Sew a casing along the top edge of tulle panels to create a custom bed canopy. Tulle comes in many colors so you don’t have to stick with just white. With an embroidery hoop and tulle, you can
create a hoop style canopy to hang from a ceiling hook.

Wall Drape Accent Wall

The ideal location for an accent wall in a bedroom is the
wall behind the bed. The bed acts as a focal point in the room, so embellishing
the wall behind it helps draw the eye in that direction. Floor to ceiling
drapery panels hung from a wall-to-wall curtain wire or lightweight fabric
attached to the wall with hook and loop tape softens the look behind the bed.
Use the high sheen of luxury fabrics such as cashmere, satin or silk for a
formal style bedroom or add a deep, plush texture with velvet. Use an
eye-catching pattern in a modern or eclectic bedroom.

Light up Your Focal Point

Combine tulle with delicate string lights for a romantic
bedroom accent or a fun nightlight in a girl’s bedroom.  A headboard fashioned from tulle and string
lights makes an unusual yet very attractive accessory for the bed. Use shimmer
or sparkling tulle for additional dazzle. Look for curtain style Christmas
lights, which hang in long strands from a single wire or loosely loop string
lights around a curtain rod. Hang a solid panel of tulle in front of the lights
or tie strips of tulle to the rod. String lights can also be intertwined along
a four poster canopy frame with tulle draped over the top for an enchanted bed.
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